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Monday, 10 December 2012

Santa Suits

Santa has asked for you to become his new tailor! You need to design four new outfits: one for cold weather, one for warm weather, one for water and one for space! 
Go crazy and add extras to your finished product!

Santa Suits
What you need:
Coloured card
White paper
Textas, pencils or crayons
Glitter, gems, fabric etc. (optional)

1. Draw the shape of your outfit onto the white card and get a parent or older sibling to cut it out for you if you need help
2. Cut out the coloured card into shapes that you want to stick on your design
3. Stick the shapes down
4. Colour on your creation in colours that Santa would like
5. Stick down any glitter etc. that you want to add on
6. Voila! One Santa Suit fit for a king! 

Christmas Time Craftiness!

It's that time of year again! Roll up for the greatest crafts in the history of daydreaming and prepare for ultimate fun as you create your own reindeer, design Santa some new clothes and make a wreath for your door and create some handy Santa signs to help the man himself navigate through your house!

Reindeer Fun
You will need:
Coloured card
Pipe cleaners
Buttons or googly eyes

1. Cut out your reindeer's body- think out of the box! It's your creation; maybe it has wings, maybe it has big ears! Get creative and have some fun with it.
2. Stick the eyes or buttons on wherever you think the eyes will be- tip for parents: mark out in pencil where each part goes, etc.
3. Add a pom-pom for the nose and glue down
4. Use the pipe cleaners to make antlers- you may need some help with this!
Glue them down and leave it all to dry.
5. There you are! One reindeer friend. All that's left to do? Name it!!

Holiday Crafts

Hello daydreamers!
Sorry I haven't posted in a while but here are some cool ideas for Christmas crafts!
Love, Daydreamer